How to Assign a License to an ESXi Host with the new HTML5 Console

For those of us familiar with the “FAT” Client that ESXi used to have, this will not be anything new.  For someone that is new to VMware this might take them a while to figure out.

I have a brand new ESXi 6.5 install that is using the Free License.  Luckily I am a VMUG user and have access to a full license.

The setup is very simple, access your ESXi HTML Web Console.  For me I was greeted with a warning that the License would expire in 60 days.


To license the host, it is very simple . Select Manage and then Licensing


Then you click Assign License and Copy and Paste your License Key into the Window.  Click Check License and then Assign LicenseSnip20170319_7.png

Then you can see that your License will change from Evaluation Mode to the License that you have purchased.Snip20170319_8.png




How to Upgrade VMWare ESXi 6.0 to 6.5 via USB

VMWare ESXi just upgraded to version 6.5 and those of that are part of the VMware Users Group (VMUG), we were just able to get our hands on the ISOs.

To upgrade VMware ESXi, it is very simple, just load the ISO on a bootable USB Drive, plug it into the server and let it upgrade for you.  For me its a bit easier, as this is a brand new VMWare ESXi server, and if something went wrong who cares, I have nothing on it.


First step is the hardest, create a Bootable USB with the VMware ESXI 6.5 ISO on it.  For my needs, I use Rufus.  Its free and portable on Windows.


The setup couldn’t be easier, download Rufus, download your ISO, plug in your USB, click Create a bootable disk using ISO Image and click on the CDRom Icon.  Select your ISO and click Start.  In a couple minutes you will have your bootable ISO.

Next step is to install the Update.  Plug the newly create USB Drive into your server, and boot from it.


Once the Installer loads hit Enter


Hit F11 to Accept the EULA


The installer will verify your devices and continue.

The installer will discover the device that the previous installation of ESXi is installed on and select it for you.  Hit Enter, and select the Upgrade Option that works for your installation.  For me it didn’t matter as I have no VMs installed currently.IMG_0321.jpgIMG_0322.jpg

ESXi will ask you to confirm the install and then it starts installing.  Once completed, remove the media (USB Drive) and the installer will reboot for you.


Now one of the benefits of 6.5 is that there is no more “Fat” Client.  Its all HTML5 based.  Snip20170319_3.png