NAS Hiccup

So as I was starting to do the NAS Build and I noticed an issue.  I had ordered the wrong 10G Nic for my Motherboard.   My motherboard uses 10G RJ45 and I ordered a NIC that uses SFPs. Also I had to add a larger Sata DOM as OmniOS and NappIt need the size.  I decided to add a SLOG drive even though it isn’t needed for just streaming, but if I decide to do ISCSI or NFS for VMware it would be useful.

The final build is below.   This will not inhibit me from continuing the build but will not allow me to do 10G Tests.

6X HGST 6TB He Drives


SuperMicro X10SDV-4C-TLN4F Motherboard

LSI 9211-8i HBA

Supermicro SSD-DM064-PHI 64GB SATA DOM (Disk on Module)

Fractal Node 804 Case

Intel S3710 200GB SSD (SLOG)

Intel X540-T2 10G Controller


Okay what happened with the NAS Server?

I had this question asked earlier today, and the plain answer is “Stuff”.

I decided that I needed more expandability in the server, and since I was using a Fractal Node 804 for a gaming case, I decided to swap out the board and gaming components and put them in the Fractal Node 304.  This allows me up to 8 3.5in HDDs and a lot more real estate.

Couple notes on the Fractal Node 304 Case

  1.  Cable Management is a Pain.  See the bundle of cables by the back of the GPU?  That’s what I mean.  There is only room there because I don’t have the HDD Sliders in.
  2. The PSU design is smart, but is a problem if you need to access it.  Point and case, I didn’t flip the PSU Switch before powering on and had to remove the cover and flip it.

So what am I running in my gaming box and what games do I play?

It’s a rather simple build running Windows 10 to play No Man’s Sky