Install WMIC on Debian Jessie for Observium

Modified from here to work with Debian Jessie Observium Turnkey VM Step 1 – Install Required Packages apt-get install autoconf bzip2 make build-essential Step 2 – Download the ‘wmic’ source to /tmp cd /tmp wget Step 3 – Untar the source tar -jxvf wmi-1.3.14.tar.bz2 Step 4 – Go into the directory and add a line of text to …


Duplicate File Finder Script

I've been trying to cleanup my Plex Library, and since I'm retrieving videos from a couple sources like TiVo and DVDs, I'm undoubtedly encountering doubles.  Now, there are handful of issues you run into like ignoring case and file extension. Used Get-Duplicate Method from here 

Ubuntu 16.04.1 Installer Screen Cutoff in VMware ESXI 6

If presented with the above issue on a Ubuntu VM Install do the following steps  Highlight Install Ubuntu and type e 2.  Change set gfxpayload=keep to setgfxpayload=auto 3.  Hit F11 to Boot 4.  Run through the installer as usual.  

Pine64 Notes and LCD not working, but HDMI Does

When I first purchased mine via the initial Kickstarter, I had many issues getting working hardware.  Once I was able to get a non-damaged LCD, as apparently shipping from China is very difficult, I ran into an issue where video would work via HDMI but not via the Touch LCD.  The problem is that only …

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