How to install and Uptime-Kuma Node

After seeing Uptime Kuma show up in my Youtube feed, I decided to give it a shot. The Github directions aren’t exactly completely correct. Here is what I need to do in order to run it on a CentOS 8 Node

  1. dnf module enable nodejs:12
    1. Worker_threads module requires the NodeJS 12 version. The software will not install without version 12, and the default is version 10
  2. yum install npm git
    1. The directions assume npm and git are already installed, which on a base installation they are not
  3. git clone
  4. cd uptime-kuma
  5. npm run setup
  6. npm install pm2 -g
  7. pm2 start server/server.js –name uptime-kuma
    1. You will recieve an error message at “/root/uptime-kuma/server/model/monitor.js:158
      1. Change if (this.getUrl()?.protocol === “https:”) {” to if (this.getUrl().protocol === “https:”) {“
  8. Run command 7 again and go to https://IP:3001
  9. Customize as you see fit

UPDATE – 10/26/2021

Commenter Jack Hughes pointed out that if you use NodeJS Version 14 that the edit to monitor.js is unnecessary and he is correct. Skip step 7 if you have 14 installed and follow the remaining steps.

To install NodeJS 14 do the following.

sudo yum -y install curl curl -sL | sudo bash –

yum install -y nodejs

node -v should return

[root@kuma uptime-kuma]# node -v


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