Noticed an oddity in the F@H Appliance that William Lam aka vGhetto of VMware fame. After deploying a couple of his appliances without issue on vCenter 7, I started noticing behavior where the appliance would happily fold, and then crash and restart. Even after reinstalling the appliance I encountered the same behavoir. I logged into the appliance and found that the core was repeatedly dumping due to memory exhaustion. You can look at the logs by executing “/etc/init.d/FAHClient log”. Simple fix was to shutdown the VM, increase the memory to two gigabytes, and restart the Appliance. I’ve had no other issues since, and all hosts are Folding happily now.

The F@H Appliance is by far the easiest to configure for both CPU and GPU folding. It took me over a week to configure folding for my two Quadro P620s on Windows and had numerous issues. Eventually the Windows Machine would never break over 100K PPD (points per day) for two GPUs that should net 145K PPD easily. With the F@H Appliance I was up and running without issue in 20 minutes and that includes installing the Nvidia Quadro Drivers from an additional provided guide in the VMware Fling.

If you have a home lab, have idle CPU or GPU Cycles to spare, take a look at the appliance here, and join team 38296!


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Systems Engineer from the Greater Boston Area

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