Install Raspberry OS on the device. I’ve chosen to use the Raspberry Pi Imager and install Raspberry PI OS 64bit, as the 64bit variant is required for the FAH installer. Be sure to enable headless SSH from this link.

I’ve chosen to power my PIs with POE using a POE Hat like this. It’s simply a matter of preference as it allows only one cable to be attached to the Pi. It does require a POE switch though, so one wouldn’t be purchasing a PoE Switch just for Raspberry Pis.

First run a sudo apt update and sudo apt upgrade

Download the following FAH installers using wget from here.

Enter sudo dpkg -i <package>.deb to install the packages

Now its time configure the FAH Client. If your looking to start Folding to support a variety of interest including COVID 19 and Huntington’s please join. I have am a member of the Legit Reviews folding team and anyone is welcome to come fold. Be sure to get a Passkey from here.

Enter in your team username, team number, and passkey.

Set the level at which you wish to fold. Since these 2 Raspberry Pis for the time being will be folding only, I’ve set them to full.

Next we set the FAHClient to start automatically. I’m found mixed results with this. Sometimes it starts, but the majority of the time I need to manually start the client.

For some reason the FAH Client Status shows failed, yet its running.

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ /etc/init.d/FAHClient status

fahclient is not running

If we go to /var/lib/fahclient/work/00 we can cat log file_01.txt and see the work unit is being worked on.

We can also see that the work unit is being worked on by executing /etc/init.d/FAHClient log once it finishes its its first steps that equate to one percent.

Repeat for the remaining packages from the FAH Website.

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