Create DNS and Active Directory Entries for the host

Download the VCenter 7.0 OVA from VMUG or other authorized sources.

Create a new VM utilizing the ESXi server in your environment

Select “Deploy a virtual machine from an OVF or OVA File”

Select a name and upload the OVA

Select a Datastore to hold the VM

Agree to the EULA, and select an appropriate VCenter Size. For a homelab, the Tiny Size is fine.

Fill out the Configuration information as appropriate. Be sure to read the tooltips if need be.

Wait till you see this screen from the VM

Follow the instructions to configure the VM.

You may see this screen, just wait till its finishes and then click Setup

Enter your root password that you set in the OVA

Verify the configuration and set your NTP and SSH access correctly for your environment.

Wait for the Appliance to configure.

Set the SSO configuration. You may get an error when you try to use vsphere.local. If you do, just type it in after clearing the field and click Next.

Set your CEIP settings and click Finish. The appliance will start to install.

Be patient, the installer can take a while to complete.

Login and verify that everything is up and running


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