Over the past few weeks, I’ve come to find that my Outlook.com account has been inundated by Spam, and after talking to a family member I discovered its not just me. Microsoft is being defeated by spammers, because of a very simple trick.  The spammers are malforming the From Line on purpose.



Take this innocent email for example, notice the extra junk at the end of the message?  Well that is all it takes to fool Microsoft Spam Filters.  But it gets better.  You can mark the messages as junk and then try to block them, but you cannot.



Such a simple but effective trick.  The odd thing is that I forward my mail from Outlook.com to my Gmail.com account.  I have no issues filtering this Spam, and oftentimes Outlook.com does not forward the Spam, so there is some Spam Filtering on the forwarding side that actually works but not on the actual Inbox Side.  Microsoft, Google is continuing to eat your lunch.  Do something about this!  Or don’t, I do not care, I’m happier on the G Mail side anyway.


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Systems Engineer from the Greater Boston Area

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