Puppet Agent on Windows 2016

In a past job, I worked with another Senior Engineer who was big on Puppet.  Before I left to take another position, I was starting to learn Puppet.  I continue to try to find time to improve my skills, and as I have a working test lab I started to dig into it again.  This coworker was mainly a Linux guy, and I started to dig into Puppet on Windows,  but I never go too far.


I’ve started to get my Lab for lack of a better term Puppetified.  All nodes went pretty easily once I started to remember what I had done.  I’ve been able to get most of my Windows and Linux Nodes online.  I have yet to get my OmniOS host online.

Quick tips

To get an Agent Running

  1. Test -> puppet agent -t
  2. List and Sign the Cert on the Master – puppet cert list / puppet cert sign <hostname>
  3. Test Again -> puppet agent -t
  4. Verify on Foreman (Optional)

To Install on Windows

  1.  Be sure the agent version you are using is not newer than your puppetmaster instance can handle.   You will receive an error similar to “puppet the environment must be purely alphanumeric not ‘puppet-ca'”
  2. Find a working node (Linux in my case) and run ” puppet agent –version”
  3. Uninstall previous failed puppet installations

General Tips

  1.  Make sure you have a CNAME of puppet.domain to your puppetmaster server.

Puppet on Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2016 is currently not supported, but the install can work.  I have yet to test additional functionality but I will soon.

  •  Install the correct puppet agent.  In my case this was 3.7.2
  • After trying to click on the Puppet Folder in the start menu and finding I was unable, I decided to pull up the command prompt.
  •   CD to the bin folder for Puppet
    •  cd “C:\Program Files\Puppet Labs\Puppet\bin”
  • Execute the puppet_shell bat file
    • puppet_shell.bat
  • Run your typical agent install steps




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