I spent a couple days off and on trying to get smartmontools to work on OmniOS.  I saw some conflicting info on whether it should work out of the box, and for me at least it did not.  Below is what I did to get it to work

Don’t bother building from scratch.  Add the below repository and install the package.

pkg set-publisher -O http://scott.mathematik.uni-ulm.de/release uulm.mawi
pkg search -pr smartmontools
pkg install smartmontools
root@OmniOS:/root# pkg info -r smartmontools
          Name: system/storage/smartmontools
       Summary: Control and monitor storage systems using SMART
         State: Installed
     Publisher: uulm.mawi
       Version: 6.3
        Branch: 0.151012
Packaging Date: Mon Sep 29 13:22:53 2014
          Size: 1.83 MB
          FMRI: pkg://uulm.mawi/system/storage/smartmontools@6.3-0.151012:20140929T132253Z

The smartmontools file in /etc/default/smartmontools might have been created automatically, but I’m not sure if this was left over from previous attempts.  Either way below is what you need.

# Defaults for smartmontools initscript (/etc/init.d/smartmontools)
# This is a POSIX shell fragment

# List of devices you want to explicitly enable S.M.A.R.T. for
# Not needed (and not recommended) if the device is monitored by smartd
#enable_smart="/dev/hda /dev/hdb"

# uncomment to start smartd on system startup

# uncomment to pass additional options to smartd on startup

Then add your disks to /etc/smartd.conf.  For me it was like below, yours will differ.

/dev/rdsk/c1t5000CCA232C02D87d0 -a -d sat,12
/dev/rdsk/c1t5000CCA232C0D31Bd0 -a -d sat,12 
/dev/rdsk/c1t5000CCA232C0EA80d0 -a -d sat,12 
/dev/rdsk/c1t5000CCA232C1543Cd0 -a -d sat,12 
/dev/rdsk/c1t5000CCA232C0AD56d0 -a -d sat,12 
/dev/rdsk/c1t5000CCA232C0BBA6d0 -a -d sat,12 
/dev/rdsk/c1t5000039FF4CF3EA6d0 -a -d sat,12 
/dev/rdsk/c1t5000039FF4E58676d0 -a -d sat,12 
/dev/rdsk/c3t5d0 -a -d sat,12

If everything works you will see below.  I do have an issue where one of my disks is repeatedly parking loudly.  I’ll need to do some research to see why.  It is good to know that all my disks are healthy.



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