OpenIndiana Install – Take Two

I decided to retry the OpenIndiana Install, and this time I re-downloaded the ISO.  Surprisingly without issue the ISO Booted quickly.

First issues I ran into was that the OpenIndiana Text Installer only saw the 6TB Drives I had installed.  In order to get the installer to see the Sata DOM, I needed to remove the HBA Cables and then re-run the installer.  As you can see, the installer now saw the 64GB SATA DOM, and the 200GB Intel SSD.


Once configuring the Network, and setting the usernames and passwords, the installer did its thing.


After a quick install, the systems was rebooted, and the HBA Drives reconnected.

As for configuration, I followed directions from one of my favorite Server/Hardware Sites ServetheHome

  • Simply launch a Terminal in Openindiana, then type su 
  • Next, we will launch the installer command: wget -O – | perl 
  • Now you can sit back and watch the magic.

The install went without issue, but currently OpenIndiana does not have drivers for the X557 Intel NICs that are built into the SuperMicro X10SDV-4C-TLN4F Motherboard. Testing on 1G Links was similar to what we say in FreeNAS.  Currently I only know that FreeNAS has support for the X557 Nics.



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