Okay what happened with the NAS Server?

I had this question asked earlier today, and the plain answer is “Stuff”.

I decided that I needed more expandability in the server, and since I was using a Fractal Node 804 for a gaming case, I decided to swap out the board and gaming components and put them in the Fractal Node 304.  This allows me up to 8 3.5in HDDs and a lot more real estate.

Couple notes on the Fractal Node 304 Case

  1.  Cable Management is a Pain.  See the bundle of cables by the back of the GPU?  That’s what I mean.  There is only room there because I don’t have the HDD Sliders in.
  2. The PSU design is smart, but is a problem if you need to access it.  Point and case, I didn’t flip the PSU Switch before powering on and had to remove the cover and flip it.

So what am I running in my gaming box and what games do I play?

It’s a rather simple build running Windows 10 to play No Man’s Sky



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