Upcoming NAS Server


I’ve finally outgrown my Synology 416J NAS.  It’s a well built device, but you are completely limited as to expanding or improving the performance.  Currently an 8TB Seagate USB3 Device has the same or better CIFS speed than my NAS.

I plan on thoroughly benchmarking my current setup in SHR, RAID10 and RAID5.  Currently I have 2X3TB and 2X6TB in the Synology NAS and in both cases I’m maxing out the Gigabit Ethernet.

I’ve been investigating using FreeNas/OmniOS/Napp-It as a storage backend for Plex, Windows Backups and general file storage.

Here is a tease of the hardware

4X HGST 6TB He Drives


SuperMicro X10SDV-4C-TLN4F Motherboard

LSI 9211-8i HBA

Supermicro SSD-DM016-PHI 16GB SATA DOM (Disk on Module)

Fractal Node 304 Case

OCZ RD400/400A M.2 SSD

Intel X520-DA2 10G Network Card for Direct Connect to Plex VM

I’m still debating about adding another 12TB of HGST 6TB Drives.   I’m also trying to figure out a workflow of how to benchmark the current NAS Device as I’d like to show myself that what I’ve built is better than what I have. Also for the ZFS, I’m unsure of my ZIL/SLOG/L2ARC configuration.  I’ll take it as a learning experience and see what would work best for performance.


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