Pine64 Notes and LCD not working, but HDMI Does

When I first purchased mine via the initial Kickstarter, I had many issues getting working hardware.  Once I was able to get a non-damaged LCD, as apparently shipping from China is very difficult, I ran into an issue where video would work via HDMI but not via the Touch LCD.  The problem is that only the Android Image has LCD Drives built in.  Below are the steps I used to get the Touchscreen to work.dsc_0148

  1. Download the Android image for Card.  In my case its the 64GB Image
  2. Write to Card with Win32 Disk Imager
  3. Takes forever to write to SD Card
  4. Powers Up quick and LCD Works without issue
  5. Rotate Screen with this if needed

I hope that more OSes will be supported in the future for the LCD.  Pine64 has stated in their forums that the latest iteration of Android will not be made available for the Pine64.




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